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Domestic LED get together with automotive lighting, after the market has been crowded market


According to the Bulletin of the Traffic Administration of the Ministry of Public Security, as of the end of June 2017, the national car ownership of 205 million, 2017 in the first half of the new car registration volume of 13.22 million, basically the same as last year. However, such a huge car market, car lighting more than half of the market share has been monopolized by foreign lighting giants, in the face of rapid expansion of the automotive lighting market, domestic LED large-scale mergers and acquisitions investment, automotive LED lighting market shape exactly how The
"Foreign monks" monopoly, domestic LED "sights" car market

Automotive LED lighting counterparts, the OSRAM and Lumileds two companies are "powerless" (here is mainly pre-installed market).

As the car system compared to lighting fixtures too much, car lighting is considered a high threshold difficult to enter the field. As a result, the global automotive lighting market has been Osram, Lumileds and other international giants firmly control.
In addition, as the supply chain in the pre-installed market is difficult to break into and there is a huge risk of recall, has been a lot of domestic lights are waiting to see the state, and more is the layout in the post-installed market, but also because the market after more Is the price of cost-effective reasons, to promote the rise of domestic automotive LED products, of course, is currently only in the post-installed market, before the market there is still a long way to go.

With the LED industry in recent years, the domestic lighting market into the Red Sea into a stable period, the automotive LED market is clearly a new growth breakthrough. For a long time, the global automotive lighting market has been Lumileds, Osram and other international giants firmly control. LED era, China has become the world's largest LED manufacturing, which gives the development of domestic LED lighting provides a unique advantage.

Domestic LED companies also seize the opportunity, have layout. Whether it is the early layout of the acquisition of easy car network, Hezhong Automobile and many other vehicles related to the subject of Hongli Zhihui, or has been deep plowing car lighting Dehua Runda, and recently to self-financing capital of 100 million yuan Ruifeng photoelectric, and so on the mainland LED enterprises, are accelerating the layout of automotive lighting.

The accelerated layout of these enterprises in recent years, domestic automotive LED products in the post-installed market share is growing. In recent years, the price of cars more and more cheap, LED profits have risen to become one of the biggest profit margins, especially in the performance of domestic LED products with foreign LED performance gap is getting smaller and smaller case. But to break the "foreign monks" monopoly situation, domestic LED also need to go a long way.

A new round of competition to open, smart cars into a new growth momentum

LED business layout Automotive lighting has become a new development trend, the current domestic participation in the layout of the BDO Runda, has recently announced 100 million capital increase Xircom car industry Ruifeng photoelectric, and in recent years the acquisition of a number of automotive lighting-related businesses Hongli Zhihui and around the crystal to obtain the National Technology Invention Award first prize of the silicon substrate LED original technology investment 500 million green car lighting Co., Ltd. and so on.

Domestic LED business competition for automotive LED has become a new normal, but also a new direction. In general, domestic enterprises giants officially gathered car LED market, automotive LED competition into a new stage. Of course, the current car lighting market growth space is not only the original car ownership market, as well as the emerging smart car market.

In recent years, automobile and technology manufacturers to start unmanned road test case a few, smart cars seems to have become the new blue sky technology market.

It is estimated that 2017 years of automotive LED output value reached 2.817 billion US dollars (equivalent to about 19.475 billion yuan), an increase of 14.8%. Relatively speaking, 2015 to 2021, the overall LED industry, the annual growth rate of only 3% growth rate. If the future of smart cars and then into the future, the future of the car with the LED body will be more on a level.

Unmanned technology development potential, in addition to the traditional enterprise companies and Internet companies Google, Baidu and Alibaba and other manufacturers to start road testing, the LED factory has begun to invest. Smart cars rely on sensors for road detection, so sensors and lights more attention than ever before to meet the stringent safety standards.

In the smart car automotive LED market, Japan and Taiwan, China's business moves more obvious. Matsushita intends to buy the European car manufacturers ZKW, combined with their own sensor expertise, attack from the car market; group of light to buy a group of companies to drive the mainland car factory to attack its supply chain. While the mainland LED enterprises, although the action is also a lot of investment funds, but more still to seize the amount of post-installed market share.

COB into the car with low-end products, "synonymous with" after the market into the Red Sea war

The market continues to extend, the demand continues to increase, but also brought the pain. All along, the car LED is called the blue sea market name, but now it is slowly being eroded by the Red Sea. Recently, LEDinside visit the mainland region involved in automotive LED business survey found that with the domestic LED companies have set foot in the car lighting market, automotive LED market (after the market) has entered the Red Sea, and some rely on low-end car COB The business began to collapse.

According to General Manager of Shenzhen Avenue, Dr. Li Gang introduced, automotive LED lighting is divided into pre-installed market and after the market. Before the market, the domestic LED enterprises are difficult to cut in, mainly because the original supply chain channels into the difficult and high cost of the late recall, of course, the lack of product design issues, so the current domestic LED companies are basically cut into the back market.

It is also because the post-installed market threshold is low, the market is the price to win. According to Li Gang said that the current after the market has entered a price war, one of the most worth mentioning is the COB lights. According to its said, the current cost of COB is the lowest.

In this regard, crystal energy photoelectric market vice president Liu Zhihua agreed. It said, COB car headlamps after the market before the amount of large, but the main positioning are very low-end market, but because the COB light source before doing a lot of products are now beginning to go wrong, the market has been in the amount of decline , Overseas customers have heard COB discoloration of the situation. COB has become a synonym for low-end products.

At the same time Liu Zhihua also added that the car after the market has become the Red Sea, like the siege, as more and more people think it is very good, at the blood of the blind investment. In fact the industry has been the phenomenon of collapse, is expected within the next two years there will be a big reshuffle.

Dong Hao, deputy general manager of electronic Chen Jiang believes that the car after the market is a no standard market, is bound to easily into the Red Sea price war. But the Red Sea market is more likely to inspire companies to innovate to meet the needs of the entire market

In this regard, Dong Hao Optoelectronics since 2015 for the characteristics of CSP light source, the CSP light source to the lights market, and continue to focus on the market innovation CSP technology, is the use of innovative products to meet the needs of the market. Its that, Ebb Tide, who is the left, who is the real winner.

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