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Guangdong Raynee lighting the country invited to join the hot in progress


Currently on the market, the car headlights are mainly halogen, xenon and LED three. Halogen headlamps are the most common, and now more than 60% of the new cars are using halogen headlamps, the advantages of manufacturing and maintenance costs are low, easy to replace, and the shortcomings are obvious, the brightness is not enough. And as once the "advanced products", xenon headlamps have been all the rage, high brightness, exposure distance is far its biggest advantage, once the owners as a necessary configuration.

However, xenon headlamps as a transitional product, the disadvantage is also very obvious: start delay, start the moment the impact of high current problems have been plagued the owner. At the same time, xenon headlamps in the rain and fog weather penetration effect is not ideal, especially foggy weather, the driver's eyes are basically a vast expanse of white.

With the development of industrial technology, LED lighting has gradually become the future trend, and now in the field of home lighting, LED lighting has become the mainstream, the reason is very simple, LED light source with a smaller power in exchange for a better brightness, Better lighting effects while reducing energy consumption, and have a longer life, it can be said more than once.

With the LED lighting industry to expand the competition, the major LED manufacturers are exploring the new blue ocean market, many manufacturers see the LED automotive lighting broad prospects for development, have accelerated the layout of the car LED.

2017 has been more than half, in the first half of the time we see, including OSRAM, billion light, Hongli Zhihui, Ronda Electronics, Career, etc., many manufacturers in the field of automotive lighting to carry out new initiatives in an attempt to occupy more Big market. Today, the author combs the first half of the major manufacturers in the field of automotive lighting some of the trends, to the industry reference!

Flag and Dongfeng South reached a strategic cooperation into its designated lights brand

(Hereinafter referred to as "Dongfeng South") LED car lighting assembly business, a "Dongfeng South designated lights brand." The company has won the "Dongfeng South Southern Industrial Group Co., Ltd." (hereinafter referred to as "Dongfeng South") LED car lighting assembly business. The bidding, the flag based on more than 10 years on the LED automotive lighting field of deep R & D experience, excellent professional strength and service, after three rounds of competition, opening a review and a number of rigorous testing, successfully beat dozens of competitors, and Dongfeng South officially reached a strategic cooperation.

As we all know, Dongfeng South Dongfeng Nissan as the largest dealer group, which owns the car 4S shop 116, more than 1 million customer service. For this cooperation, Dongfeng South said on the one hand is the fancy flags in the LED car headlights common light type, heat, anti-glare on the performance of the leading technology; the other hand, the flagship of the products have a strong Models covered capacity is also so that they are convinced, can adapt Dongfeng Nissan, Dongfeng Nissan Kai Chen, Dongfeng Peugeot, Dongfeng Yueda Kia, Dongfeng Infiniti and other groups under the many car brands; At the same time, OLEDONE flag more than ten years LED car lighting in the field of solid "car level" R & D strength, and long-term accumulation in the market at home and abroad users and reputation, but also for the choice of Dongfang South into a solid confidence.

In the field of LED automotive lighting, OLEDONE flag has a number of leading industry standards and advantages - with the European Union EMark certification, CE, RoHS certification, PICC underwriting, with more than 30 appearance and practical patents, Lamp GB25991-2010 national standard "car class headlamp" brand.

Optimistic about China 's auto lighting market Hella - Heiner River to build a new plant

April 20, 2017 Shanghai Auto Show: automotive lighting and electronic products experts Hella, with the Beijing Automotive Group subsidiary Beijing Heinagawa Auto Parts Co., Ltd., a joint venture company Hella - Haina Chuan Lamp Co., Ltd. in Tianjin Wuqing (Wuqing: near Tianjin) to establish a new factory, to further expand production capacity. The new plant is scheduled to begin production in October 2017. The joint venture is mainly for Beiqi Group customers to provide services, including Beijing Benz, Beijing Automotive, and other Chinese car manufacturers.

In the initial stage, the new plant covers an area of ​​about 12,000 square meters, each year can produce 1.2 million headlights, providing about 250 jobs. In the medium term, the modular design of the plant allows the production space to be expanded three times for the production of various lighting products.

In addition to the production for the Chinese market, the Hella-Heiner Co., Ltd. has a development team of more than 150 engineers, developed and launched in the field of headlights, taillights, small lights and interior lighting and the introduction of unique lighting products The

Billion light into the ADB matrix intelligent headlamps LED lights into the intelligent

With the Mercedes-Benz parent company Daimler (Daimler) Group from 2017 into the ADB matrix intelligent headlights for the automotive electronics industry to promote a new wave of application trends. Taiwan-based LED packaging manufacturers Everlight in Miaoli copper gong factory production and certification, the first time recently released its new ADB matrix intelligent headlamp module.

The headlamp module consists of 24 LED combination, it is pointed out that there are already specific customers, is expected to be the fastest in 2018 to 2019 to bring revenue contribution.

Car driving on the road will encounter a variety of conditions, which due to the head of the glare caused by the number of accidents continue to rise, billion light launched the latest ADB matrix intelligent LED headlamps, automatically detected by the CCD on the car , And automatically turn off the light source in the region, to avoid the driver of the car has been approached by the car to interfere with the light of the light caused by the danger. ABD matrix intelligent LED headlights using 24 2.0mmx1.6mm size LED combination, this single LED at 700mA operating current can provide 190lm brightness, with intelligent control, can be individually adjusted to achieve the brightness of the dark 1024 gray scale changes.

In addition, the billion light and then with the fisheye lens, control module, a special row of light guide column design, and at the same time with a reliable CCD detection system, flexible adjustment of the light block, in the identification and lighting more accurate. This product complies with the ECE R112 class B DrivingBeam regulations and is designed and developed with major OE (original) depots.

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